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Our Story - Colorado Window & Siding, Inc.


Colorado Window and Siding - A Dream Come True

1967 started the Love Story of Denver for the founder’s of Colorado Window & Siding, Inc.(CWSI), my parents Bob and Diana Zimmermann. Bob and Diana married in 1966 while residing in Michigan. On a trip to Denver they visited a college friend and an Army friend and immediately fell in love with Denver, CO. At that time they vowed to live in Colorado someday. They both worked for Ford Motor Company at the time.

The chance arrived in 1983. My brother, Jason and I were starting 7th and 8th grade, my parents had just sold their Window business (Cadillac Window & Building, Inc.) in MI. Our adventure started. Our home was put up for rent in MI, and we moved to Littleton, CO. With $2,000.00 in savings on arrival in Denver, Diana got employment with Martin Marietta, Bob started pounding the pavement door to door looking for customers for our new company, Colorado Window & Siding, Inc. My brother and I started school.

CWSI was started with the dream of giving customer’s quality replacement windows and quality workmanship (finish carpenters) for a decent and honest price. The Company Logo was designed using a similar design of Ford Motor Company’s Logo, the oval. CWSI started out with an office in our home. Windows were delivered to a storage warehouse. Many times the truck driver and the Manager of the Storage unit would unload the heavy windows and place them into the storage unit for us. Diana would do the paper work of the business in the evenings, while Bob was out selling and arranging for installation. Eventually Diana left Martin for full time work with CWSI. Colorado Window & Siding, Inc. grew to become the largest Weather Shield replacement window company West of the Mississippi. As they grew they relocated to an office warehouse on Prince St. in Littleton, then to a larger warehouse office on Dumont St., Littleton, CO.

As I grew older, I wanted to learn the window business. Really being a teenager I just wanted spending money. I sought employment as an Installer’s Helper (Gopher). My job was to fetch, carry, rip out, anything the Installer needed I tried to do. My experience in installing windows was learned on the job, taught by our professional installers. After 26 years in business, some of these original installers are still with us. My experience started on the bare ground floor.

Graduating from DU, with a BSBA in Marketing & Finance; I could not get employment in the field I thought I would enjoy and love. I kept working for CWSI and obtained my Master’s Degree in International Business Administration from UCD. During my Master’s program I discovered my dream was within my reach, right in front of my face all along. Students (many older students) all seemed to desire running their own business. I started rethinking my dreams and realized someday I wanted to own and operate Colorado Window & Siding, Inc. myself. My motto would be the same as my parents: Quality first in everything: Excellence in customer service, Excellent quality windows, Excellence in workmanship; make people happy, supply them with the Best of the Best.

Today, I have worked hard and seen my dream with God’s Blessings come to fruition. My parents have retired, returning to help out in the business from time to time. I have a beautiful family, two sons and a daughter, perhaps, the future owners of CWSI. Colorado Window & Siding, Inc. operates from Colorado Springs to Lyons, CO, along the front range. We are determined in this economy to provide the same Excellence as demonstrated in the past for the future.

Scott Zimmermann