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Don't Let Your Blinds Determine Your Windows

Window TreatmentOne of the first things everyone does when they buy a new house is to install new window treatments. 

This is one of the worst mistakes anyone can make.  The window treatments should be purchased with the new windows.

Then, after about 3-5 years, replacement of the windows is discussed. 

Depending on the construction of the house, this can be an easy or difficult process. 

If you own a brick home with a wall depth (thickness) of 8" or more, you generally have few issues.  However, if you own a frame house with a wall depth of 6" or less, there are a number of pitfalls.

Standard Window Treatment Depths

Pleated shades / Levolours 2" deep,    Wood Slats 3",    Silhouettes 3.25"

If the wall depth is only 6", that sometimes leaves less than 3" of mounting surface for the new window.

Standard Window Depths

Vinyl 3.25",    Fiberglass & Composite 3.5 - 4.5",    Wood 4 - 6" 

Since all of the window choices are deeper than 3", therein lies the problem....

If the choice of a window treatment was made with the choice of new windows, then the customer can purchase both at the same time and not limit their options later.  If the window treatments were ordered first, then they might determine the type of window you can 'fit' in your frame house. 

Other options include projecting your windows beyond the exterior wall or buying new window treatments, neither of which are popular choices.

So when you buy that new home, consider the windows and the treatments together, instead of the treatments only and you could save yourself a lot of headaches and money!